Development of carbon nanomaterials (graphene, nanotubes) by hybrid methods involving the synthesis and self-assembly of alkyne-based reactive precursors.



Synthesis and characterization of novel π-conjugated materials based on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons for organic electronics, especially field-effect transistors and solar cells.



Development of hydrosoluble and non-toxic dendrimers pour bio-related applications in diagnosis and diseases treatment.


Morin group in May 2018


Welcome to Anthony Jolly who began a PhD in our group in January 2018!

Welcome to Cyril Aumaître who began a postdoc in our group in January 2018!

Congratulations to Maxime Daigle who began a new job at Oleotek in January 2018!

Congratulations to Patrick Darveau who began a new job at OmegaChem in January 2018!

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