Our research aims at synthesizing new hydrosoluble, non-toxic dendrimers for biomedical applications. Two strategies have recently been developed in our laboratory. The first one is about the use of PAMAM scaffold to built dendrimers with three different faces. This strategy relies on the orthogonal functionalization of the dendrimer core:


PolymChem 2011, 2, 2293.

The second approach is based on the use of metal-free “click” chemistry to divergently synthesize dendrimers in an efficient way without the use of excess of reagent. The strategy we have developed allows the preparation of a wide variety of non-toxic and water-soluble molecules with excellent yield in few purification steps. These dendrimers can be prepared easily in gram scale in various numbers of generations:


Macromolecules 2012, 45, 3687.

We are currently using this dendrimer architecture for the development of efficient contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging and for drug delivery.